Cheese of pure nature

Hubert Stockner, cheese master, fromelier and certified beer sommelier from South Tyrol in Italy proves taste: A natural cave in the Tyrolean mountains - as a relic from the world war - serves as a maturing cave for his exquisite South Tyrolean and international cheese specialties. There he cares raw milk cheese from selected dairies several months or years and refines them to cheese specialties with a very special touch. The cheese master is constantly on the lookout for special varieties of cheese from small dairies that still practice traditional cheesemaking. Here too he places great importance on sustainability, which, among other things, means silage-free feeding.

The natural cave is for his climatic conditions ideal for ripening hard cheese, blue cheese or pecorino. All year round, there is a temperature of about 10° C and a humidity of almost 100%. This special ripening climate and the special microflora in the natural stone bunker give the cheese a creamy smooth texture and a special aroma. A ripening room without energy expenditure - pure nature so to speak.

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