About us:

Glorious Gloriette

Tantalising temptations

Over a century ago the Gloriette was a small Boutique Hotel located in the gardens of the houses of Bolzano’s nobility. A place where you could eat well and drink even better. Today Birgitt, Andy and Julika want to share and give life to this concept of a home synonymous with joy, feeling good and just letting go. Gloriette combines eating well and drinking well with their in-house bistro. A place for guests and priviledged public alike. The style is that of an age gone by where quality waits to be discovered in every detail. Gloriette is a living dream for guests who want to enjoy beauty, meet like minded travellers and be in a perfect position to discover wonderful places. Allow us to share the charm and temptations of days gone by with you, an unforgettable experience awaits you.


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