Food & Drinks:


Begin your day in a delicious way

We believe in serving only the best, which is why you won´t find a standard buffet at Gloriette. Each day dawns with something a little different. Each breakfast begins with a smile and a warm greeting from us, a word of welcome and an offer of what´s in store for you. Help yourself to our market fresh selection of fruit, vegetables, cereals, freshly baked bread, jams and more. We even offer some bubbly at breakfast – Franciacorta, an effervescent vintage of which we are very proud. Even if it´s not sunny outside we guarantee it always is at breakfast time.


A sophisticated city style breakfast served in the heart of the mountains
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In-house market - freshness is served
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Breakfast with a view
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Also for privileged public guests, for 25,00 €

Good Life

at Gloriette Guesthouse