South tyrolian Herb Rebels

Crazyness paired with commitment and passion. Mountain herbs packaged in a selected design. We uncover two young “Originals“ full of enthusiasm. In the beginning it was not easy for them and almost no one believed in their persistance and sucess. But Leander Regensburger and Lorenz Borghi from Mals did not give up on their dream. They are convinced that the marked needs exactly the kind of products they offer. They were obsessed of the idea doing something with herbal and medicinal plants. There are many herb producers around but the product and its presentation is truly unique. They also started a special initiative with a social project, colaborating with the “Vinschger Lebenshilfe“ where most of the packaging is done. For the two of them it is very important to produce everything locally. From the herbs to printing the labels. They often take more difficult ways to defend their principles. The harder way, the rebel way. That is why you will only find their products in one shop only in every place, town or village. “It shouldn't be a mass product, we always want it to be something special and exclusive.“ Both of them are convinced of doing the right thing and guarantee for the quality of their products with every package, with every fingerprint.

Text: Heidi Gamper


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